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B.C.'s legislators need to learn math skills

Re: "Math skills also need upgrading," July 28.

Choose a new route for the pipeline

Re: "Clark walks out of energy talks," July 28. It's a case of locking the barn door after the horse has gone. It is plain to see the economic benefit that the pipeline would bring, but it is equally plain to see that the route is the wrong one.

London trip is cronyism at its best

Re: "B.C. minister off to London," July 28. How interesting to find that a previously scheduled vacation time coincides with an energy conference being held during the Olympic Games in London.

Step-by-step approach for amalgamation

Normally, I'd be the first to support amalgamating all the small municipalities that constitute metro Victoria. The excess costs are daily evident, the politicians too numerous, and the planning squabbles depressing.

Treatment for cancer was top-notch

Re: "Cancer patient faces surgery delay," July 28. The article about Lydia Wingate's "outrageous" wait for surgery to remove some breast cancer struck a chord - I was in the same situation a year ago.

Here's an idea worth considering

Re: "An idea from B.C.'s past could change its future," July 29. Jim Hume suggests moving oil by rail instead of a pipeline. I think it's a great idea.

Premier's tactics are childish

Re: "Pipeline stance is premier's graduation party," July 28. Bob Plecas claims that Premier Christy Clark is showing political maturity in standing up for B.C. Balderdash.
Immigrants should pay full costs

Immigrants should pay full costs

Re: "Immigration wheels turning after office closed, files moved," July 28.

Victoria doesn't have Meals on Wheels

Re: "Senior advocate needs authority," July 29. The editorial addresses important issues; however, the reference to Meals on Wheels as a program that exists in Victoria gives incorrect information.

Les Leyne: Legislature committee finds glasnost

Stunning news from the legislature - the management committee of politicians that pretends to run the joint has issued a public notice about a meeting. That's the equivalent of an old-style Kremlin commissariat holding a public hearing.