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Les Leyne: Hansen says Liberals need a new name

PENTICTON Premier Christy Clark wouldn't debate her byelection opponent, but she is spoiling for a good fight with her own party supporters.

Willcocks column: Liberals looking sneaky on HST referendum

The Liberals are in the process of making another big mistake on the HST, one that will rekindle public anger about their sneakiness. The anti-HST initiative -supported by more than 700,000 British Columbians -was clear.

Avoiding phone scams

The scamsters are at it again, calling people at home and claiming they're selling children's activities books with the proceeds going to help kids in local hospitals. They don't. The sales benefit the company making the calls.

Comment: ICBC plan puts insurance system at risk

Speeding tickets shouldn't affect how much you pay in premiums

Debate draw is a good outcome for Harper

It always seems a bit goofy to be scoring a political debate like a boxing match or a dog show. But that's largely what these oneoff encounters are about.
Editorial: Why we must face the evil deeds of Kimberly Proctor's killers

Editorial: Why we must face the evil deeds of Kimberly Proctor's killers

When it turns out monsters have been walking among us, we struggle to understand. Our hearts break for those they have hurt so terribly.

Les Leyne: Fake doctor in government video spot

Can't we believe anything we see any more? When you watch a public service announcement from the provincial government featuring comments from regular people in the street, the assumption is that they're really regular people in the street.
Paul Willcocks: Harper raising trust issues -about himself

Paul Willcocks: Harper raising trust issues -about himself

It's early days, but Stephen Harper could be blowing the election. He's making himself look like someone who shouldn't be trusted to govern. Harper's harping on the threat of an evil NDP-Bloc-Liberal coalition offers the best example of the problem.

Editorial: Being prepared for the worst

Being ready for a disaster starts with you. That's one of the lessons from the horrific events in Japan. Community preparedness is vital and can save thousands of lives.

Why Japan accepted nuclear power's risks

Three Mile Island. Chornobyl. Now this. Within hours of the first reports of trouble at Japan's nuclear plants, calls for abolition could be heard around the world.