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Trail users should be safe, courteous

In the past I walked, hiked, biked and skated. Now that I am older I just walk, and greatly enjoy it. However, because I am deaf, I seldom hear others overtaking me, especially if there happens to be a headwind.

Let's find real solutions to the deer problem

Re: "Deer decisions prove difficult without data," July 29.

Include rail option for new bridge

It seems a shame to permanently lose the rail option on the new Johnson Street Bridge. I suggest we consider making the new bridge's road deck dual use - design in tracks to allow a train to utilize the bridge as well.

City should enforce stop-sign laws

Re: "Stop signs, red lights don't mean 'slow,'" July 27. Steve Wallace's column made my day. I am one of the two per cent, maybe three per cent, of drivers who come to a full stop at stop signs and red lights.

Plenty of reasons not to moan

It is easy to regurgitate the usual litany of issues that mire our daily lives in the capital city. Bridge-bashing, transit-trashing and sewage-sledging are but three of many topics sure to bring out the best of our moaning and groaning.

We shouldn't sit back and accept violence

Re: "Tendency to violence is handed down to us," July 29. We can't just sit back and say violence is innate. We have work to do.

Computer privacy has long since disappeared

It's no surprise to me that privacy breaches are a problem in B.C. As a former Vancouver Island Health Authority employee, I was concerned a long time ago when we went from an in-hospital, departmental computer system, to MediTech, based in the U.S.

Coleman's trip sparks questions

Re: "B.C. minister off to London," July 28. Rich Coleman is heading to London? During the Olympics? For a conference on energy? Organized by Gordon Campbell? On the taxpayers' dime? Say it ain't so Jon Blair Sidney

Errors and arrogance trump accountability

Re: "Auditor: Legislature finances 'really bad,'" July 27. NDP house leader John Horgan thinks the findings of the auditor general's audit on legislature finances are an embarrassment for all members of the legislature. It goes far beyond that.

Operating-room closures a cost-saving measure

Re: "Cancer patient faces surgery delay," July 28. The unfortunate delay in this patient's treatment is precisely because of the operating room closures which occur each summer (and at Christmas and spring break).