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Comment: It’s time to recognize the rights of nature

I have been fortunate to have been a research fellow at the University of Victoria this semester, working on laws that recognize the rights of nature.

Two-wheeled signs of spring

I don't care what the calendar says - spring is here when (1) I can ride my bike without my gloves, (2) I refuse to let a torrential downpour little bit of rain keep me from riding, and (3) I pack my basket for the first picnic/pleasure ride of the s

The Spirituality of Staying Put

"In whatever place you live, do not easily leave it." —Abba Anthony, 3rd century AD * * * We live in an age characterised by increased mobility.

David Bly: What lies beneath can cost you plenty

Out exploring the back roads of Highlands last weekend, I spied an old concrete structure, moss-covered and crumbling, almost hidden among the trees along a small creek.

Paula Simons: Harper’s ‘tough on crime’ model backfires

Stephen Harper is tough on crime. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is tough on crime. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is tough on crime. They’re especially tough on criminals who aren’t Canadian citizens.

Comment: B.C.’s publicly funded legal aid is in crisis

Imagine you are a woman who recently left your husband because he was assaulting you.
McRae crashes Dix's party

McRae crashes Dix's party

NDP leader Adrian Dix received a surprise visitor at his latest campaign stop in Courtenay today. Dix rolled through the Comox Valley to announced his party's education platform on the home turf of Liberal Education Minister Don McRae.

Grace on Tap - Remembering Gipp Forster

Yesterday morning I received a text from my wife asking whether I’d heard whether Gipp Forster had died. I never got to meet Gipp. Until recently, I’d never heard his name.

Janice Kennedy: Foreign workers and national brand loyalty

To eliminate Canadian jobs by hiring cheaper temporary foreign workers, igniting an angry firestorm across the country — or not: that is the question. And a fascinating one it is, too.

Naomi Lakritz: When in Canada, do as Canadians do

Either Canada is a beacon of democracy and freedom, or it isn’t.
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