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Advice and more from my Croatian conscience...

Upon hearing that I needed to lose one more pound to reach my initial goal of 50 pounds lost: "Just go make big shet. You loose van pound like det." And, this is what he said when I reached that goal...

TC Health Challenge Finale - is it the end of an era? Not on your life!

Sunday, April 14th, 2013 - The TC Health Challenge Finale - As participants, the finale was our opportunity to show off all of our hard work...and get our pictures taken for the paper.

Naomi Lakritz: Don’t ignore root causes of terrorism

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau should not be pilloried for remarks he made about the root causes of terrorist acts during an interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge about the Boston Marathon bombings.

Mark Milke: Margaret Thatcher’s sensible compassion

The death of Margaret Thatcher provoked a plethora of analysis and emotion about the late British prime minister.

Comment: Campaign must restore our faith in government

The phoney election campaign has finally given way to the real thing and, as voters know well, that means big, glitzy promises.

Love yourself! Go on, I dare you...

One of the possible side effects of losing 50 odd pounds has been unmerited über confidence - reverse body dysmorphism of least for me. Last Saturday I was walking around like a rockstar...

Spiritual Dyslexia - Confusing God with doG

Begging for scraps, hanging close by our heels, ready to aid us at our beck and call, and waiting anxiously by the kitchen table for a little affection after we return from a hard day’s work: this obviously describes a dog, but it seems that this is

Comment: Has the time come for a new maritime museum?

I am pleased to see that discussions are starting to happen regarding the future of Victoria’s beautiful harbour and some of the under-utilized publicly owned properties that surround it.

Geoff Johnson: Teachers need a new kind of training

Kids in today’s classrooms with their BlackBerrys, iPods, iPhones, thousands of apps, Google and Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, GPS maps and laptop windows on the world are making a new kind of demand on public education and its teachers.

Gordon Laxer: West-to-east pipeline sounds good, but isn’t

For years, I was a voice in the wilderness calling for an oil pipeline to bring western oil to eastern Canada. Now that Trans-Canada and Enbridge each have plans to build one, I should be pleased. But I’m not.
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