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Elizabeth Payne: A made-in-Canada plan for Old Jerusalem

There is a glimmer of hope that the Middle East peace process might not be completely dead. Not only has U.S.

Iain Hunter: In the sludge of despond over sewage

A scientist asked a good question as reported in the July 1896 issue of Scientific American: Why would people bring into their homes “a most deadly enemy” in the form of a water closet instead of being content to use an outdoor privy? The enemy has c

Comment: Sessional instructors play a vital role at UVic

The quality of education at the University of Victoria hangs in the balance as hundreds of sessional instructors face mounting layoffs. When a sessional loses his or her job, it means students have lost a course.

Sandra McCulloch: Bob Wright’s friendship a fascinating ride

When I first met Bob Wright, he jumped out of his business-class seat on an Air Canada jet at Toronto International Airport and kissed me on the cheek. I had paused while boarding the Victoria-bound jet to ask if he was Bob.

Monique Keiran: New generation goes back to the garden

As a child of Depression-era children, I experienced the annual toil of backyard gardening early on.

Comment: Charities, non-profits enhance our quality of life

This week, a special council meeting was held. It was expected to be a hard meeting for council members. Actually, it was an inspiring meeting.

In flight kindness brings lessons from the Bible

Scenes of people helping people run through my mind like a movie montage, flickering man's kindness and God's provision like a reel.

Throwing my weight around.

No rest for the wicked All this doesn't just end with the scale...there is also fitness testing, something I have been both looking forward too and dreading.

Shannon Corregan: Organizations struggle with apologies

The Royal Bank of Canada has been answering some tough questions in the days since it became embroiled in an outsourcing controversy.

L. Ian MacDonald: Justin Trudeau shouldn’t be taken too lightly

The press gallery above the House of Commons is normally close to empty during question period, but on Monday, it was standing room only. The joint was jammed for Justin Trudeau’s first day in the House as leader of the Liberal party.
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