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There are zero calories in eye candy.

I am a walking contradiction. In my last post, I just told all the men who take their shirts off on cardio equipment to put them back on...however, I feel different about men in the weight room. Gentlemen, flex on.

Iain Hunter: B.C. election outcome is all about trust

Premier Christy Clark launches her re-election campaign today on television and it behooves B.C. voters to tune her in — at least, the few who’ll bother to cast their ballots on May 14.

Elizabeth Payne: Celebrate heroes who can add and subtract

For some, it is the way Paul Henderson’s winning goal in 1972 became a national touchstone. For others, it is a fondness for Tim Hortons coffee or a national tendency to apologize when someone bumps into us. Are these defining Canadian traits? Maybe.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this public service announcement:

When I work out, I get sweaty...really sweaty...and yet, I have never felt the urge to whip off my shirt à la Brandi Chastain.

When to quit running

I was so prepared for the longest run of the training clinic – 21K – that I was actually looking forward to it. I went through my get-ready list in my head. Plot a route. Check. Carbo-load on Girl Guide cookies the previous afternoon. Check.

Terrence Malick Calls Us "To The Wonder"

Human relationships are deeply complex and profoundly complicated. Relationships can ascend to the heights of luminous beauty and captivating purity. They can approach innocence and sheer goodness.
Les Leyne: NDP gets bad stuff out of the way early

Les Leyne: NDP gets bad stuff out of the way early

Four days before the official campaign begins, the New Democratic Party is as exposed and vulnerable as it’s likely going to get.

Monique Keiran: The season to listen to birds’ conversations

Bald eagles could be the bird world’s version of heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson. The eagle is a big bruiser of a bird. It bullies other birds, steals meals and scavenges whenever it can.

Comment: 1993’s Clayoquot Summer was a game-changer

Twenty years ago today, about 30 residents of Tofino were driving up and down the highway by Long Beach, communicating via handheld radios, tracking a helicopter carrying B.C.’s premier of the day and select media.

Holocaust Education Centre helps us see truth in tragedy

The Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre is currently hosting an exhibition called, "’Enemy Aliens’: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940-1943.
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