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Let's get physical, physical...I wanna get physical...

If the thought of bouncing around in an aerobics class conjures up 80s images of Olivia Newton-John singing PHYSICAL, spandex leggings, braided sweatbands, high ponytails, and blue eyeliner, then we're on the same wavelength.

Lost in translation - art to words

I have had a few lessons in humility and surrender; one recent lesson was stimulated by writing for this Spiritually Speaking blog.

Weigh-In Wednesday #7

Lucky number Se7en. Obviously my black cat, Cobweb, who crosses my path all the time, the spider I squished on the kitchen floor on Thursday, and the ladder I walked under on purpose had no effect on WIW this week...

Janet Bagnall: Still not much political progress for women

International Women’s Day, March 8, has evolved over the years to become a kind of annual checkup to see how close women are getting to equality.

Les Leyne: Deputy ministers follow email trail

When the deputy ministers file their report on the ethnic-outreach scandal, it will be interesting to see which version of the smoking gun they relied on.

Comment: Putting our faith in biodiversity to the test

The idea that a balanced and diverse investment portfolio is important to preserve capital investments, promote growth and protect against financial ruin in a volatile economy has long been promoted as the best strategy towards financial health.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

...who's the fairest of them all? While I am almost positive that I look like a complete idiot when I'm working out (is that the reason my ninja sometimes smiles and won't tell me why...

Geoff Johnson: We should try to lift the weakest among us

Rosemary Brown, the first black woman elected to a Canadian legislature, is remembered for her insightful and succinct remarks about the political condition.
Les Leyne: Will premier’s grovelling be enough?

Les Leyne: Will premier’s grovelling be enough?

The days of good alternatives are gone for Premier Christy Clark’s government. All that’s left now is to figure out the least worst alternative.

Comment: Children’s mental-health care in need of overhaul

My daughter, Hayden Blair, is forever 16. She took her life Dec. 19, 2010, while in the care of the Vancouver Island Health Authority at Ledger House at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health.
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