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Naomi Lakritz: Those who lean in too much risk falling over

Lean in. That’s Sheryl Sandberg’s buzzword.

Encountering God on Earth (Part 2)

On my recent trip to India, I had many wonderful heart-to-heart talks with relatives and friends. One was with an intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful young relative. It was heart-warming listening to her thoughts about religiosity and God.


I'm sitting in the lobby of the Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre, blogging away...when one of the employees comes up to the row of vending machines to my right, she turns to me and says, "Awww...well...

Higher, stronger, faster!

Great news. My various broken bones are mending and my attitude is improving. I was really frustrated for awhile that I couldn't move without pain, and being competitive, I don't like to get left behind.

Comment: Girls in Canada face violence, mental-health challenges

Saman Ahsan As Canadian girls grow up, they’re told time and again that they can be whoever they want to be. The reality is far less ideal.

Les Leyne: Nurses’ union raid sore point for NDP

The smallest bill of the session prompted one of the longest, most intense debates. It was a one-line amendment that recognizes several thousand licensed practical nurses have left the Hospital Employees Union to join the B.C. Nurses’ Union.

Geoff Johnson: Team Boy has some real catching up to do

Having grown beyond boyhood myself, notwithstanding my wife’s vigorous assertions to the contrary, it is of more than passing interest to see that achievement levels of boys on both provincial and international tests of reading are somewhat lower tha

Week 8 - Life's too short :(

Week 8 - What did I learn this week: 1. That life's too short to not be happy! I'm not really sure where the blog is going to go this week as my thoughts are kinda all over the place right now...

William Watson: Middle class doesn’t need help of politicians

As the saying goes, God must love poor people, He created so many of them. The Almighty might still love the poor, but these days, politicians love the middle class.

Iain Hunter: Caucus should choose the party leader

Members of the Liberal Party of Canada appear poised to make Justin Trudeau their leader. Generously, or because they’re looking for scapegoats if things go wrong for them again, they’ve invited total strangers to help them do it.
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