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Comment: Mining industry needs to recognize native rights

With the mining industry in Vancouver for its annual Mineral Exploration Roundup, the official talk is about the bright future for mineral extraction in the province. Such hyperbole is not helpful. B.C.

I guess you had to be there...

Scene 2 (Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 - The Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre - the hallway closest to the weight room, there is a set of mats stage left.

Procrastination? Who? Me?

There are new blog entries in the archive. I wrote things out of order...form your own conclusions. I'm prepared...haha...

This is the kind of math I like...

If it took Suzie 43 minutes to walk home from the gym last Tuesday after an hour of cardio and a whole bunch of strength training and it took her 40 minutes to walk home from the gym last Thursday after an hour of cardio; how long did it take her to

Iain Hunter: Hugging a tree changes perspective

I’m arrayed on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, watching the sun inch toward the sea and lapping a rum punch.

Ian Haysom: Let’s not forget the beauty of good words

There’s an office in Victoria where the staff, unbeknownst to the “suits,” play a fun game during long meetings. It’s called Buzzword Bingo.

Comment: Critical need for skilled workers on the Island

In all the talk about the need to create new jobs on Vancouver Island, it’s often missed that there is a critical shortage of skilled trades just to fill existing Island jobs.

Les Leyne: Liberal comeback slips off course

Somewhere at B.C. Liberal party headquarters there’s a recovery plan that charts a 15-point comeback in the polls en route to a victory in the May election. You have to wonder if the master plan makes room for the kind of week that just ended.

Monique Keiran: Walking away from Alzheimer’s disease

Thousands of British Columbians will wake up tomorrow, put on their shoes and walk. They’re raising money through the Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s Walk for Memories. Funds raised support the society’s community programs.

No rest for the wicked I get one day of rest per week. Today is Saturday, and I don't have to go into the gym. Here I bounce at the computer on my exercise ball, writing, and trying hard not to fall forwards, or backwards, or sideways. It's a tricky new "chair.
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