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Course of Meniere's uncertain

Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach: I recently was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. I had two violent vertigo episodes last year, about three weeks apart. These consisted of dizziness, sweating and uncontrolled vomiting. I have not had any attacks since.

Island Lives: Sculptor inspired by world of nature

Douglas Senft best-known locally for Water piece on Blanshard


Actress puts herself in the middle of a storm >C13

Decade-old pills may be dangerous

Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach: I came across a website that said an underactive thyroid can cause some of the problems that have plagued me for quite a few years.

Sugary drinks linked to higher stroke risk

Women who imbibe sugary soft drinks almost every day are 83 per cent more likely to have a certain type of stroke than women who rarely drink sodas and other sweetened beverages, according to a Japanese study.
#new language for high schoolers

#new language for high schoolers

Social media hashtags have found their way into everyday speech

Doctor contends screening still best

Some cancers found and treated even though there was no danger

Fish oil offers brain boost

Study finds benefits for young people

Want a dog? Shows help you check out suitable breeds

So you've decided to bring a new dog into your life, and are considering numerous breeds. Doing your research and carefully selecting a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle and meets your expectations in temperament, coat upkeep, energy level, etc.
A passionate pairing

A passionate pairing

A new exhibit brings together a senior abstract artist and a bold sculptor