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Phones, computers full of germs (but don't worry)

If you wash your hands regularly, you'll be fine

High doses of cortisone may help dermatomyositis

Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach: About four months ago, my 39-year-old, retired marine son was diagnosed with dermatomyositis. He had always been very healthy, and he used to run six or seven miles a day to stay in shape.

Sexual health centre raising cash for beds

Society hosts a night of salsa dancing,hoping to raise $15,000 for more beds at new Quadra Street clinic
Festival of trees takes root at Empress

Festival of trees takes root at Empress

The Victoria Festival of Trees is a forest like no other.

Tie-dye touch adds twist to holiday giving

Easy craft can make elegant gifts, from tights to scarves

Condo Smarts: Plumbing the depths of water-pipe problems

Dear Condo Smarts: We are in an 86-unit townhouse development that was built around 1985. Our buildings and clubhouse are almost 30 years old, and we are preparing to do a number of upgrades to our property.

Aspiring to the Pottery Barn lifestyle

Lately I've become obsessed with making my living room look like the ones in Pottery Barn. Or rather the HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, Target version of Pottery Barn because, let's face it, I am not paying $50 for a pillow cover.

In praise of braising

Slow, flavourful cooking turns tough veal and lamb shanks into bones of perfection
Fruitcake makes a comeback

Fruitcake makes a comeback

Christmas cake, also known as fruitcake, gets a bad rap. At its best, it is rich, moist, filled with the intense flavours of candied fruits, raisins and nuts and often soaked with brandy, rum or a liqueur.

Comfort in a bowl

This soup not only offers great flavour, but the colours and textures are attractive as well. Roasting intensifies the flavours of the vegetables.