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The club looks to expand the members' mental horizons

It is once again the start of the much-lauded Wednesday Speakers' Luncheon series, which runs for the next 10 weeks.


Jim Hume >C4

Head librarian leads the digital revolution at UVic

'We're about to enter a Golden Age for libraries,' Jonathan Bengtson says

Canadian literary scene aids tale of U.S. family

Writer Linda Spalding faced a dilemma with her new novel: How could she put herself into the mind of an 18th-century Quaker-turned-slave owner, a character based loosely on one of her own ancestors? "I used to be very reserved about writing outside m
Make your own low-sodium party snacks

Make your own low-sodium party snacks

Dear Eric: For years, I made nuts and bolts to be divided among my family for Christmas. This became a tradition for us. I used to buy the spice mix at the Cairo Coffee Shop on Fort Street.

P.K. Page remembered

With her poem Planet Earth, P.K. Page, then in her 80s, offered our world a gentle love letter.

The lepers of D'Arcy Island

Both Big D'Arcy and Little D'Arcy islands, off the east coast of Vancouver Island near Victoria, are heavily forested, and have a lovely, peaceful appearance. This certainly belies their miserable past.

Library enters the digital realm

Even though the whole world seems to be going digital, don't fret for the future of the library.

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Couple lived Argo's happy ending

Couple lived Argo's happy ending

Anacortes residents were among those hiding with Canadians after 1979 takeover of U.S. embassy in Iran