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Routines free us for important jobs

Eventually, you stop thinking about actions that lead to rewards

Water could help balance

Dear Dr. Donohue: I would like to know more about orthostatic hypotension. I am a 67-year-old man and have problems with my balance, especially on standing. My cardiologist tested my blood pressure while sitting and then while standing.


It's a Country Legends tribute to Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash at the McPherson Playhouse on Saturday night, and we have two pairs of tickets in this week's Go Giveaway. For your chance to win, send an email to
Carbs, proteins key to fuelling workouts

Carbs, proteins key to fuelling workouts

After exercising, a high-carb food source can help re-energize and stave off fatigue

Gotham City hero comes to Victoria

The Dark Knight Rises is finally opening at Imax Victoria Friday, with footage that can be seen as Christopher Nolan intended. The film's director is such a fan of the Imax format, he filmed more than an hour of Dark Knight Rises with Imax cameras.

Adrian Chamberlain: Iron Mike's dancing ambition

Critics who give Tyson a bad review better hope he's not feeling bitey
Apps help patients manage their care

Apps help patients manage their care

Devices keep track of blood sugar, pressure, offer detox options

Religion studies centre hosts series of lectures

Talks take place Thursdays; today's to focus on refugees and radicals

Soak up art, dance, music of Pacific cultures

Experience indigenous cultures from around the Pacific Ocean at this Saturday's One Wave Festival at Centennial Square.

Discovery may help to tailor drugs

Study finds why antidepressants work for some
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