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Les Leyne: De Jong’s budget has Dix’s fingerprints

Les Leyne: De Jong’s budget has Dix’s fingerprints

It’s the first jointly created, bipartisan budget in ages. B.C. Liberals delivered it, but the New Democrat Opposition helped write it. Two key measures in Finance Minister Mike de Jong’s fiscal plan have NDP leader Adrian Dix’s fingerprints on them.

Ollie hates the drums

In December I bought a used drum kit. Gift to myself. I've always wanted a set of drums, ever since Grade 10. But if you are not the novice drummer in question, there are many down-sides to being part of a household that's just acquired one.

Rebuilding from the inside out

My old, dysfunctional 1960s kitchen got ripped out this week to make way for an up-to-date stainless and granite replacement. I can’t imagine what the new kitchen will look like, having put up with the old, hideous one for three years now.

What if I don't have a pretty face?

Rants, raves, revelations, recipes, ridiculousness, and the reality of just another fat girl trying to get healthy. Blog. Body of work. Eat me. Food porn. Heavy Mental. Sweat T-Shirt Contest! War paint.

Geoff Johnson: School technology begins profound changes

The first commercial automobiles were marketed in the 1890s, and by 1906, steam-car development had advanced to the point that steam cars were among the fastest road vehicles in that period.

Kate Heartfield: Real books and e-books can co-exist

In 2013, people still say things like, “I could never use an e-reader because I love the smell and feel of a paper book.” As if a person who enjoyed one could never enjoy the other.

Comment: Forests bill urgently in need of a rewrite

It wasn’t so long ago that the B.C. government was investing political capital in striking a more productive “new relationship” with First Nations.

Cardio Kink

My new cardio amalgamation was designed to get me moving faster, harder, stronger. It is a playlist that was conceived on a stationary bike...and came to term on the elliptical. By the time my workout was over...
In today's B.C. budget, don’t bank on gas-revenue forecasts

In today's B.C. budget, don’t bank on gas-revenue forecasts

One sobering thing that shines through economist Tim O’Neill’s quick, partial review of B.C.’s budget process is that natural-gas-industry experts don’t have much of a clue.


This week during my birthday I felt a little mental tickle – in moments between everyday life, work, receiving birthday wishes, and enjoying treats, a question was niggling at me for attention: Responsibility, what is it? How would my life be differe
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