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Les Leyne: Milk flowing from pre-election faucet

Two back-to-back beverage announcements and dozens of news releases in the last week leave the strong impression an election is coming.

Comment: Time for public debate on oil-transport issue

I’ve lived in Victoria for more than 20 years, and one of things I love best about our city is the Dallas Road beach.

Run away!

Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest," and I have always thought of it in a rather Darwinian way i.e. "better adapted for immediate, local environment." However, now I think of it every time I step on a treadmill.

Les Leyne: Business donations a problem for NDP

B.C. New Democrats had a record fundraising year in 2012, but a few members will be squirming uncomfortably when they look at the books.

Geoff Johnson: Facts have not disappeared from our schools

There’s a good chance that many readers of this column could distinguish between formal language, jargon, colloquial language and figurative language.

Comment: Court rulings on generic drugs will shape policy

Last week, Novartis was denied a new patent in India for the modified version of its chemotherapy agent imatinib (marketed as Gleevec or Glivec). Many are calling this a landmark case.

Spirituality in Children

How does one cultivate spirituality in children? Spirituality has the reputation of being ethereal and difficult, or at least that’s its public persona.

Comment: Public primary-care centres a good investment

On March 29, the Times Colonist editorial stated: “Hospice is a good investment.” I couldn’t agree more.

Kate Heartfield: No, Canada won’t become the next Cyprus

The notion that Canada’s government has quietly orchestrated a Cyprus-style response to an impending bank failure, and that the big banks are coming for your savings, is a thing of beauty, as far as conspiracy theories go.

Iain Hunter: Cops’ use of force should be last resort

Anyone who checks Jamie Graham’s lineage would understand why Victoria’s chief constable, who is to retire at the end of the year, stands behind his police officers when they’re accused of going too far.
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