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Geoff Johnson: Let teacher talks proceed without meddling

The evolution of a new round of teacher bargaining will depend on at least three key factors: first, the desire of both sides to reach an agreement rather than play politics; second, the negotiating skills of the facilitator/conciliator; and third, a

Comment: Capital region can’t take its appeal for granted

Let’s start with some facts. Global tourism is racing at four per cent growth and is the fourth-fastest-growing industry on the planet. Canada is lagging at two per cent.

Comment: Outdated mining rules trump privacy in B.C.

In September 2011, Premier Christy Clark put $24 million toward accelerating B.C.’s mining-permit process. More than a year later, free-entry mineral staking continues to cost investors, the public and indigenous peoples time and money.

David Bly: People really do care about good English

It was gratifying to see the response to my column last week on the problems of poor spelling. People care. There’s hope for literacy. As I finished that column, I cringed a bit.

Les Leyne: Budget watchdog won’t have much bite

What if the new temporary budget watchdog that Premier Christy Clark has hired actually barks? In the context of former bank economist Tim O’Neill’s arrival on the scene, it would be unusual to hear much of anything from him.

I am not alone in this quest for fitness: Meet Elisabeth

Check out Sandra's article on Eli s abeth in the Times Colonist: Health Challenge participant Elisabeth Westlake 'feeling it everywhere’ Sandra McCulloch / Times Colonist January 30, 2013

Comment: Online learning shaking up the world of education

Twenty years from now, many colleges and universities will be closed, their classrooms deserted and their students learning at home. These are the predictions of many post-secondary commentators these days.

Kate Heartfield: Proxy vote for children not a workable idea

Every party claims to be building a better future for our children. And every voter will find reasons for believing their party of choice is the best for their children.
Les Leyne: B.C. Rail probe hits a legal brick wall

Les Leyne: B.C. Rail probe hits a legal brick wall

Auditor general John Doyle’s quest for details of the B.C. Rail legal payout ran smack into the wall of solicitor-client privilege on Tuesday. The wall is still standing.

Weigh-In Wednesday #2

Wednesdays are my new favourite day of the week. Why? Well, I get to see how well I'm doing with this whole weight loss thing.
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