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Les Leyne: B.C. is running without a government

Has anyone noticed how the politicians in B.C. have virtually abandoned government? There are 85 MLAs and most are now immersed in politics, as opposed to government. Not just politics, but internal party politics, which are the most absorbing kind.

F-35 jets and the military-industrial complex

Fifty years ago this week, on Jan. 17, 1961, Americans gathered around their TV sets to watch President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell speech from the White House.

Help wanted -- really, really wanted

High-level sources in the Times Colonist advertising department have leaked to me the first draft of a career opportunity ad that will be appearing soon: We're a mid-sized enterprise based in western Canada with a nine-year record of success that is

Les Leyne: Turn down the vitriol

I have heard the most vile, malicious nonsense you could imagine about almost every one of the last eight premiers. Some people spread stories innocently, with wide-eyed naiveté. A few tell lies deliberately.

Jody Paterson: Bye, premier, can't say that I'll miss you

Bye, Mr. Premier. Wish I could think of something nice to say, you having been the premier for nine long years now. But I can't. Social conditions have worsened significantly under your leadership.

Comment: Victoria's dark secret -- dazzlingly inept drivers

I know a lot of people who have visited Victoria and are fascinated by the idea of moving here.

Chelsea's dream wedding a dad's nightmare

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of a former U.S. president and the current secretary of state, is getting married today to Marc Mezvinsky and The Daily News in New York is guessing the nuptials will cost around $3 million.

No need to panic about hogweed

The giant hogweed articles are becoming more alarmist and sensational. As a gardener/landscaper with experience in this region over the past 40 years, I have never come across the true giant hogweed. It may exist here, as an escapee from a garden.

Reader experienced hogweed burns

Please, fellow Victorians, don't wait until a toxic 15-foot giant hogweed towers over your backyard.

HST means wild months ahead in B.C. politics

Oh, for a crystal ball. British Columbia's political scene is going to be fascinating in coming months, with more twists and turns than we've seen in years. Blame -- or credit, depending on your point of view -- the harmonized sales tax.