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An honour for Campbell, a slap for us

An honour for Campbell, a slap for us

You have to feel for the other 2011 recipients of the Order of B.C., whose many accomplishments have been overshadowed by all the din around former premier Gordon Campbell getting the award.

Editorial: A child, a mom left to suffer

It would be hard for any parent to read about how a 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome ended up living for days beside the her dead mother's body in a mobile home without coming close to tears. The girl - and her mother - faced terrible adversity.

Christie Blatchford: No hard questions at salmon inquiry

It really is the weirdest proceeding, unlike any I've seen before. Counsel for the Cohen Commission examining the decline of the Fraser River sockeye salmon throw up some slides of the witnesses' resumés and then begin lobbing in a few beach balls.

Comment: A day in the mental-health holding cell

Every patient with a mental illness dreams of a direct admission to Eric Martin Pavilion. I hope to arrive on the ward with my bags and find a bed waiting.

Les Leyne: Clark gets way out of cap-and-trade plan

The professor who supplied a lot of the intellectual horsepower behind the Liberals' war on climate change changed gears this week. Simon Fraser University carbonpricing expert Mark Jaccard is now advocating that B.C.

Keep council meetings open

Your council might be up to something. We wish we could tell you more, but we can't. And Increasingly, major discussions and decisions are for that, blame the council members.

Les Leyne: Hansen says Liberals need a new name

PENTICTON Premier Christy Clark wouldn't debate her byelection opponent, but she is spoiling for a good fight with her own party supporters.

Willcocks column: Liberals looking sneaky on HST referendum

The Liberals are in the process of making another big mistake on the HST, one that will rekindle public anger about their sneakiness. The anti-HST initiative -supported by more than 700,000 British Columbians -was clear.

Avoiding phone scams

The scamsters are at it again, calling people at home and claiming they're selling children's activities books with the proceeds going to help kids in local hospitals. They don't. The sales benefit the company making the calls.

Comment: ICBC plan puts insurance system at risk

Speeding tickets shouldn't affect how much you pay in premiums