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People power in social media

Not that many weeks ago, few people would have given the petition against the harmonized sales tax much of a chance.

Opinion: B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen answers HST critics

Public awareness campaign crucial for explaining new tax, Hansen says

Les Leyne: Justice, mental illness and Schoenborn

Through a combination of butchery and suffocation, Allan Schoenborn murdered his three little children in Merritt, traumatizing an entire community and forcing the entire province to ponder a horror.

A Wildrose-type upstart unlikely here

Some British Columbians are looking pensively across the Rockies and wondering if the brush fire that started on the other side late last year can spread. The Wildrose Alliance was a curiosity in Alberta politics.

Minimum wage increase overdue

It's a search every bit as challenging as expeditions to find the sea-serpent Cadborosaurus -- the hunt for the day the provincial government considers it the "right time" to raise the minimum wage. In B.C.

Jody Paterson: A bridge too fast brings a sharp rebuke

OK, I get Victoria Coun. Lynn Hunter's concern about deciding things by referendum. Direct democracy can be an unpredictable and potentially harmful form of governance, as the state of California can attest.

Officers went above, beyond call of duty

In light of the negative press that highlights our national police force in less than flattering circumstances, I thought it fitting to submit a Boxing Day story.

RCMP warrant raises scandal questions

There's an entire public administration course waiting to be taught based on the 99-page document the RCMP prepared to obtain a search warrant in the Danderfer scandal. Set aside all the unproven allegations of criminal conduct.

Down, but far from out, says premier

The theme of Premier Gordon Campbell's speech at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention yesterday was all about how the spirit of B.C.

Problem-betting cuts deplorable

It makes no sense to slash problem gambling programs just as the government takes another huge leap into expanded betting.