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TLC should be exempt from property taxes

TLC should be exempt from property taxes

Re: "Unpaid taxes could force sale of several TLC properties," July 31. Given that The Land Conservancy of B.C.

Nothing wrong with scanning licences

Re: "Privacy czar to investigate licence scans," July 31. Driving a car, though necessary for many of us, is a privilege, not a right. It is earned on competence and kept with good behaviour. If I have done nothing wrong, I need not fear.

Anti-Franco volunteers deserve more recognition

Re: "Untold story in plain view," July 27. It was great to see the story by Cory Ruf on the untold story of the Canadian volunteers who fought against Franco's Spanish fascists in the 1930s.

Contaminated soil a threat to water

Here I sit watching another glorious sunset on Shawnigan Lake, something I have done from birth. I am watching the lake struggle with septic pollution, powerboats and deforestation. This gem is losing its shine.

Somebody needs to stand up for B.C

I do not understand how anybody can believe that Premier Christy Clark really is going to stand up for our province when it comes to the Enbridge pipelines. The last thing we need is her price tag on this catastrophe-in-waiting.

Trail users should be safe, courteous

In the past I walked, hiked, biked and skated. Now that I am older I just walk, and greatly enjoy it. However, because I am deaf, I seldom hear others overtaking me, especially if there happens to be a headwind.

Let's find real solutions to the deer problem

Re: "Deer decisions prove difficult without data," July 29.

Include rail option for new bridge

It seems a shame to permanently lose the rail option on the new Johnson Street Bridge. I suggest we consider making the new bridge's road deck dual use - design in tracks to allow a train to utilize the bridge as well.

City should enforce stop-sign laws

Re: "Stop signs, red lights don't mean 'slow,'" July 27. Steve Wallace's column made my day. I am one of the two per cent, maybe three per cent, of drivers who come to a full stop at stop signs and red lights.

Plenty of reasons not to moan

It is easy to regurgitate the usual litany of issues that mire our daily lives in the capital city. Bridge-bashing, transit-trashing and sewage-sledging are but three of many topics sure to bring out the best of our moaning and groaning.