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Elect politicians for one term only

Re: "Retiring MP's pension disgusting," Aug. 3. There is an answer to the question: "When is this going to end?" Let's start with the next provincial or federal election. Let the candidates know we are electing them for one term only.

Bandshell concerts have broad appeal

The music, the setting and the large audience all made for a wonderful evening at the Beacon Hill's Cameron Bandshell last Monday.

In defence of dandelions

I have always been baffled by the fact that so many people enjoy destroying the small, beautiful yellow flower called the dandelion. As kids we all enjoyed blowing dandelion seeds, but grown-ups always frowned on us.

All for progress if there's no change

Re: "Oak Bay Lodge decision disappointing," Aug. 4. Like the writer, I too am embarrassed at the poor judgment of the "anti" voters on the Oak Bay council in rejecting the proposed new Oak Bay Lodge.
Don't let off-leash dogs chase young herons

Don't let off-leash dogs chase young herons

Many juvenile herons have left their nests in the Beacon Hill Park colony; the rest will soon follow. After leaving the nests, their parents no longer feed them.

Don't reproach Clark for declaring her faith

Re: "Don't judge politicians on private beliefs," Aug. 5. I applaud Christy Clark for the statement she made that the Bible gives her the courage to make "tough" decisions as our premier.

Smart meters a waste of people's money

Re: "Fire report points to smart meters," Aug. 4. A B.C. Hydro official says installation supervisors are certified electricians and are always on standby to undertake any plate repairs noted by the installers during the installation of smart meters.
Swimming programs stalled in Canada

Swimming programs stalled in Canada

Re: "Veteran Hayden shows his mettle," Aug. 2 and "Gold, silver and bronze," Aug. 5. B.C. and Canada should be very proud of these two B.C.

Transit report raises essential questions

Re: "Report ranks local transit best for its size," Aug 5. Interesting report, but it's missing several essentials. Before B.C.

Women should demand more bathroom parity

Re: "Public loos the frontline in battle for potty parity," Aug. 5. Thanks for addressing the discrimination women face in the bathroom department.