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Tests will help eliminate AIDS

British Columbia leads the country in reducing the spread of AIDS - there's no reason it can't lead the world in eliminating the disease altogether. B AIDS is one of the world's deadliest diseases, afflicting nearly 40 million people.

Speedy timeline for cancer surgery

Re: "Unwilling to wait for surgery, Saanich woman goes to Vancouver," Aug. 10. A year ago, I was faced with the same diagnosis as the woman in this story. My experience is totally different. On June 3, I had my regular mammogram.

Want road woes? Check Old East, too

It is good to read that there will be a new merge lane onto the Pat Bay Highway northbound at Sayward Road.

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up - To Bob Wright, owner of the Oak Bay Marine Group, for leasing property on Tsehum Harbour to the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club for $1 a year.

Grow hemp to replace trees

Re: "Beetle puts forestry's future at risk," Aug. 16. The government's report on the depletion of B.C.'s forests has been known for the last decade and a half.

The world needs more places like Powell River

Small towns have more to offer than an urban condominium ghetto

Olympics, Prince Harry, and buying locally

Diary of a week. Lows and record highs. Sunday. The closing ceremonies at the Olympics are a chaotic, musical joy.

It's about time for cuts at ICBC

As a retiree with a gold card in my wallet, I applaud Finance Minister Kevin Falcon for taking the initiative in slashing costs at ICBC.

Clark has every right to crack a joke

Why can't people take a joke? Why can't people take Christy Clark? I don't mean to suggest that our premier is not to be taken seriously. Some folks take her so seriously they want her to resign and go back to mothering her Hamish again.
Highway design has many risks

Highway design has many risks

The recent motorcycle accident on the Pat Bay Highway was at a dangerous location. I lived off Piedmont and saw many potential serious incidents at that location.