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Cycling facilities a good long-term investment

Planning for smarter transportation far better than paying carbon taxes

Beacon Hill changes still need tweaking

Re: "Beacon Hill changes are not improvements," Aug. 14. I agree with the writer regarding visitors with mobility issues enjoying Beacon Hill Park.

Sayward changes welcome

Not every problem has to be solved with a megaproject costing many millions of dollars. Sometimes tweaking will do the trick.
Time to talk about the right highway

Time to talk about the right highway

Re: "$3M safety upgrade for high-collision intersection," April 16.

Environment assessment looks like a stacked deck

On the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's home page: "Our role is to provide Canadians with high-quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision-making, in support of sustainable development.

Redford is hypocritical for lecturing Clark

It was bad form and hypocritical. When Alberta Premier Alison Redford made a speech to the Canadian Bar Association in Vancouver on Tuesday, she took what appeared to be a swipe at B.C.

More cycling means better health, lower costs

Re: "Cycling upgrades in capital could cost $220 million," Aug. 12. I have noticed in every condo or apartment parkade that I have visited in the region that almost every parking space has a bicycle locked up in it. Sometimes more than one.

Mountain-bike event poor for competitors

I thought London and the citizens of Great Britain did a great job with the 2012 Games. In my memory, and it goes back a long way, I do not recall ever seeing so many spectators on the road events. It was so good to see that kind of support.

Rules geared against the marginalized

The lead players in the Woodwynn Farms controversy doubled down this week, while the farm's fate continues to hang in the balance.

What is the content of marine sewage?

Re: "Look to the animals for sewage solution," Aug. 12. The writer raises a relevant question, which apparently the Capital Regional District has not addressed.