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Discrimination causes difficulties for homeless

Re: "Central Saanich has low-income housing," Aug. 16. "Low income" is anyone living on social assistance, or persons with disabilities without a supplemented income. "Low income" means poor or in threat of homelessness.

Keep contaminated soil out of the watershed

In May, I wrote concerning a proposal by South Island Aggregates to collect five million tonnes of contaminated soil, mainly from Victoria, and dump it into a pit in the Shawnigan Lake drinking watershed.

Time to privatize insurance business

Clearly, it is high time to take the basic insurance business out of Insurance Corp. of B.C. and public coffers, and into the private sector. The government and unions will have us believe that privatizing will decrease traffic safety.

Refine the bitumen close to its source

David Black's proposed oil refinery is a good one. But why Kitimat? Why not build the refinery adjacent to the raw material source? And, in addition, provide more permanent full-time jobs than are envisioned by the Northern Gateway pipeline project.

ICBC needs competition

Before the Insurance Corp. of B.C., there was a simple system of car insurance. You would shop around for the best rate, which was much lower for good drivers (good risks), and signed on.

Beacon Hill Park is being neglected

What has happened to our beautiful Beacon Hill Park? Suddenly the barricades make sense. If access is difficult, then maybe we Victorians will fail to notice that our precious gem has been severely neglected. Enough already.

Woodwynn Farms plan

Re: "A young life comes full circle," Aug. 19. What an uplifting story from Evan and Carole James. What saddened me was reading the section titled "Drug and alcohol addiction help in Greater Victoria.

ICBC board members should have been fired

Re: "ICBC told to slash costs, CEO resigns," Aug. 17. Kevin Falcon should have fired the board of the Insurance Corp. of B.C., which has seemed to be asleep at the switch during the past five years.

We shouldn't underrate Canada's capabilities

Re: "David Black proposes oil refinery in Kitimat," Aug. 18. David Black's proposal has received the expected negative comment from B.C.'s professional naysayers.

Pat Bay Highway is not a freeway

Re: "$3M safety upgrade for high-collision intersection," Aug. 16.