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MP's pension raises question of parity

Re: "Savoie exits federal politics," Aug. 24. Victoria MP Denise Savoie's pension after six years in Ottawa will be $33,180 per year. Mine, after 40-plus years in a trade union (yes, the ones that support her), is approximately $13,200.

Harry's antics nothing new for royalty

What is the public interest in seeing the private parts of princes? That, as I see it, is the issue behind the latest escapade of Prince Harry, a 27-year-old who's taking rather a long time to grow up.

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up - To Esquimalt Coun. Dave Hodgins for his battle in favour of the public's right to know.

City dwellers' advice not helpful to farmers

Re: "Prevent deer damage with fencing, hedgerows," Aug. 23. Every day I recite a prayer: "Lord, please protect my farm from pestilence, drought, developers, and city folk offering advice.

Beacon Hill changes make the park better

Re: "One week in, mixed reaction to park changes," Aug. 12. Thanks to the parks department for starting us on the changes we need in our thinking and acting toward an increasingly more wholesome community.

Ministers failed in watching ICBC

Re: "ICBC told to slash costs, CEO resigns," Aug. 17. What the government has done leaves my brain swirling. The CEO of the Insurance Corp. of B.C. resigns but will remain on salary, and no doubt bonuses, until the end of November.

Expand bait-car concept to nab other offenders

Re: "Tourist trap catches car thieves," Aug. 23. The bait-car program seems a good idea. However, we should recognize that it is a subsidy to car owners to offer enhanced protection at no cost.

New Saanich care home a welcome development

Re: "New Saanich care home to cut wait time for seniors," Aug. 22. I was so pleased to see that Saanich and Baptist Housing in conjunction with the Vancouver Island Health Authority will be starting construction on a new facility for seniors.

Tuition costs must be curbed

As the start of the school year approaches, post-secondary students are fine-tuning their educational plans, but for many, the big question is not what major to pursue or what courses to take, but this: "How will I pay for it?" When Premier Christy C

Time to start thinking about new subs

If we're not prepared to just give up on Canada's claim to the Arctic, we'd better do something about replacing those four pathetic bathtubs we'll call our submarine fleet.