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B.C. Liberals deal willingly with China

Re: "B.C. Liberals accuse NDP MLA of infatuation with Cuba communism," Aug. 28.

Scandals may stir change in Upper Chamber

A year ago Wednesday, the Ottawa Citizen got a tip suggesting that Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn was not well enough to do her job. Reporter Glen McGregor asked the Liberals in the Senate, who told him that she was fine.

It's time for changes in rodeo events

Re: "Langford pressured to block rodeo events," Aug. 24. I think those of us who are opposed to animals being tormented for entertainment do not deserve to be dismissed as uneducated by the administrator of the Professional Rodeo Association.

Working in the trades a good career path

Re: "Claremont program gives students a taste of trades," Aug. 25.

Editorial: B.C. Liberals need a strong vision

Premier Christy Clark wants MLAs, especially cabinet members, who don't intend to run again to step aside so she can clear the decks for the general election in May.

Crime is falling, police costs rising

Over the past few decades, crime has fallen in some categories, yet policing costs have risen steadily.

Watch out for the kids

The streetscape is changing dramatically next week, especially for morning and afternoon commuters whose trips to and from work will coincide with school opening and closing hours. Yes, as of Tuesday, school's not out anymore.

B.C. pipeline review needed to restore legal powers

Province has signed away rights to carry out its own assessment

'Kids these days' still fond of marriage

August is over, alas, and the end of this month brings with it the end of the summer marriage season.

Conversation needed on city budget planning

Re: "Input sought at spending-cuts session," Aug. 29. While I applaud Coun.