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Airline ends world's longest flights

The world's longest commercial flight - Singapore to Newark, New Jersey - is being cancelled. Singapore Airlines announced this week that it will end its nonstop flight between Singapore and Newark, a distance of about 15,000 kilometres.

Beach bars offer break from world's turmoil

With all the intensity in our domestic and political worlds lately, it's a fine time for an escape - sunset glinting through the drink in your hand. Let's fantasize about the 10 best seaside bars in Europe.

Virgin's space project stalled

British billionaire Richard Branson says his space tourism project keeps being pushed back and isn't sure of an exact date for the first launch.

Refreshed, refurbished symbol of Prince George smiles anew

Mr. P.G. has had his makeover and is back to watch over Prince George after some citizens feared he'd gone for good.
Pilfered pieces bring fascinating stories

Pilfered pieces bring fascinating stories

Waldorf Astoria Hotel's amnesty program prompts return of dozens of small items
Unusual show features art by women only

Unusual show features art by women only

Inspired by the Pompidou Centre in Paris, which for nearly two years removed all the men's art from its modern galleries, the Seattle Art Museum is letting women take over its downtown building this fall.

Carcassonne a medievalist's playground

Sunny, out-of-the-way Languedoc is an intoxicating part of the world. Stretching from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees in southwest France, it shares a balmy climate, winter wind, grapevines and the sea with Provence, its better-known neighbour.

Lopez 'wave' signals a laid-back style

Island is closest to the outside world, yet it's the most rural and least touristed of the San Juans

Grandest of cruises: 121 days for $78,000

Luxury lines also offer plenty of shorter trips to exotic locations
Gamble on new discoveries

Gamble on new discoveries

A trip to Vegas can take you beyond the Strip to terrific parks and scenery