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Mariners set sail, built fortunes from ancient Spanish seaport

Not as famous as other cities in southern Spain such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba, and not as frequented by foreign tourists, the coastal fortress city of Cadiz is one of the country's most attractive destinations, boasting a history of almost leg
New York ferris wheel would be world's tallest

New York ferris wheel would be world's tallest

The Big Apple is getting another "biggest: " the world's tallest ferris wheel, part of an ambitious plan to draw New Yorkers and tourists alike to the city's so-called "forgotten borough." The 190.

Don't forget to cover up when visiting sacred sites

Many of the world's popular leisure destinations are also home to sites that are spiritually significant to people of certain faiths.
Pyongyang's giant pyramid hotel revealed

Pyongyang's giant pyramid hotel revealed

Beijing-based Koryo Tours has released the first public photos from inside the tallest and most notorious building in North Korea: the 105-storey, pyramidshaped Ryugyong Hotel, which remains unfinished more than 20 years after construction began.

Passion for cruise ships translates into Berlitz guide

If there is a godfather of the cruise-writing business, that title must belong to Englishman Douglas Ward.

Time-capsule city largely undiscovered

Long ago, I gave up looking for an untouristy, half-timbered medieval German town, but recently, I stumbled upon it in the sleepy town of Erfurt. The capital of the German region of Thuringia, Erfurt has history swinging from its eaves.

Mauna Kea's sacred status leads to controvery

To the outside world, Mauna Kea may be a famous centre for astronomy. To native Hawaiians, it is a sacred place ancestors visited for centuries in a quest to understand spiritual connections between earth and the heavens.

New York has app for parks

New York's state parks department has launched a smartphone application to help people get information about recreation sites and events.

India getting first Starbucks

Starbucks will open its first outlet in India by the end of October and has appointed a chief executive to head its India joint venture, the company said Friday.

China's luxury globe-trotting shoppers ignore 'downturn'

Rich Chinese tourists paying $40,000 to hunt elk in Utah or booking the entire first-class cabin for a family flight to France show China's economic slowdown has yet to thin the wallets or dull the appetites of its deep-pocketed elite.