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New York has app for parks

New York's state parks department has launched a smartphone application to help people get information about recreation sites and events.

India getting first Starbucks

Starbucks will open its first outlet in India by the end of October and has appointed a chief executive to head its India joint venture, the company said Friday.

China's luxury globe-trotting shoppers ignore 'downturn'

Rich Chinese tourists paying $40,000 to hunt elk in Utah or booking the entire first-class cabin for a family flight to France show China's economic slowdown has yet to thin the wallets or dull the appetites of its deep-pocketed elite.

Way cool up top

Hawaii's Mauna Kea leaves visitors giddy - and it's not just the thin mountain air

Frost sharpens fall colours in northeast U.S

New Hampshire officials say frost in the Great North Woods region has sharpened the colours and brought that area up to 60 per cent of peak fall foliage.

Home life focus of Roman show

The British Museum will take visitors into the streets, salons and bedrooms of the ancient Roman world with a major exhibition about the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Bats' nightly exodus from caves draws crowd

There's nothing like bats to draw a crowd to the scorching Chihuahuan Desert in the late summer heat.

Berlin's welcome mat wears thin

'There's some resentment that tourists party loudly or throw up'

Coho adds sailings for Crabfest

Feeling a little crabby? Head to Port Angeles, Washington on the MV Coho from Oct. 12 to 14 to take in the 11th Annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival.
Ultimate in variety

Ultimate in variety

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