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Berlin airport opening delayed

The opening of Berlin's new airport may be delayed for the second time this year, with local officials considering a further postponement to the autumn of 2013.
Clear sailing

Clear sailing

Maine windjammer offers east coast trips with no itinerary, but plenty of scenery

Newest Princess taking shape

You could say the timing is perfect for the name of the newest ship for Princess Cruise Lines.

Moscow's Metropol sold

The Hotel Metropol, a Moscow landmark with a past as varied as Russia's turbulent 20th century and a guest list ranging from revolutionaries to foreign presidents, has been sold.

Vegas targets ad litter on the Strip

Officials have adopted an anti-littering ordinance aimed at cleaning semi-pornographic ads from Las Vegas Strip sidewalks.

Castles give taste of life in Middle Ages

For centuries, Great Britain's castles were the literal and political high points of their communities. Designed to keep people out, today these formidable structures are wide open to visitors and appreciated for their romantic allure.
Peak experiences await you year-round in Innsbruck

Peak experiences await you year-round in Innsbruck

Former Olympic city has lively nightlife, thanks to a large student population

Epic togetherness

Peru's Machu Picchu meets the demanding tastes of a young traveller

Cruise line's combination river trips take you from Amsterdam to Nice

Land tours can include family visits, vineyards, or a Formula One track

United flight attendant sets world record

A flight attendant is landing in the Guinness World Records book after spending 63 years moving about the cabin.