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Lopez 'wave' signals a laid-back style

Island is closest to the outside world, yet it's the most rural and least touristed of the San Juans

Grandest of cruises: 121 days for $78,000

Luxury lines also offer plenty of shorter trips to exotic locations
Gamble on new discoveries

Gamble on new discoveries

A trip to Vegas can take you beyond the Strip to terrific parks and scenery

Rebuilt Mount Rainier trail a family-friendly day trip

It was cloudy and drizzling on other parts of Mount Rainier, but the world was all sunscreen and sunglasses from where I stood, on the east face of the mountain. Hikers were smearing sunscreen, some sporting shorts. I was squinting.

Seattle hopes to lure NBA with new arena

Seattle-area officials have signed legislation on the funding plan for construction of an arena that could be used to lure the NBA back to the city.

Seattle in-depth

You've probably been there and seen the obvious sights. Now it's time to go further

Air Canada on 'Smarter' list

Air Canada, Virgin America and Lufthansa are among the world's best airlines for in-flight entertainment, according to a list compiled by the Smarter Travel website.

Couple to share Kilimanjaro experiences

Barb Jusiak knew where she wanted to celebrate her birthday on March 22 this year: to stand at the top of Kilimanjaro and celebrate life.
Buy new boots, hit the dance floor in Austin

Buy new boots, hit the dance floor in Austin

In Austin, flip-flop-wearing University of Texas students mingle with coat-tie-and-boot-clad state lawmakers and technology workers in jeans.

New Zealand hit by Hobbit fever

New Zealand's capital is preparing for the world première of the first film in The Hobbit trilogy by showcasing an artisan festival selling all sorts of small-folk paraphernalia, laying a red carpet that will extend 450 metres through central Welling