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Homemade trap controls fruit flies

Dear Reena: Do you have any tips for controlling fruit flies? Glynis Dear Glynis: You need a big plastic juice jug with a removable lid. Inside the juice jug, place a bowl of wine (red or white). Put banana peels inside the jug around the bowl.

If you think appraiser is wrong, say so

Igot an email from a homeowner who was upset - that's nothing new. But she wasn't upset because a contractor screwed her over, or because she got a bad home inspection. She was mad because of an appraiser.

Great style in limited spaces

When every square foot has to be cleaned and heated, it pays to look for smaller kitchens, bathrooms

House beautiful: Eye-popping view dominates decor (with video)

Homeowner avoided any distractions from the main attraction

Ferns are the dinosaurs of the plant world

So many of us have the wrong impression of ferns, including me - I thought that giant Staghorns weren't really ferns but some sort of epiphyte more closely related to bromeliads or tillandsia.

Camp teaches basics of Buddhism

Activities help children and adults gain deeper understanding of faith
Paint floors for a low-cost update

Paint floors for a low-cost update

It's cheaper than tiles or carpet but it takes guts and patience

Olympic Games spirit encourages the best in us

Same ideals are in the Christian tradition, beckoning us toward a better world

The scoop on pets and condos

Do your homework before buying to avoid barking up the wrong tree


SUNDAY In 1099, the armies of the First Crusade defeated the Saracens at the Battle of Ascalon, a historic Palestinian city on the Mediterranean coast, one month after they had captured Jerusalem.