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High-efficiency gas most affordable option

High-efficiency gas most affordable option

Heat pumps most energy efficient


COMMON SYSTEMS room temperature control. Does not provide airflow. Needs ducted heat-recovery ventilation system to get air flow. Lack of ventilation associated with excess humidity and mould build-up.


Helen Chesnut >E9

Bring Downton decor to your home

The British TV show captures elegance in an English country-house design

There's insulation that does the job

Closed-cell spray foam has proven track record

Finish the garden chores before hibernating

Green thumbs still have work to do before grey days of winter arrive

Don't be chicken when serving turkey

Holidays made simple, from setting the scene to welcoming your guests

Prayers on the go gaining traction with U.S. drivers

LEXINGTON, Kentucky - You want that blessing to go? Not a problem. Centerpointe Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, has offered drive-through prayers to those who need them since Easter.

Table gets antique touch with crackle

Dear Debbie: I purchased an old, heavy, Spanish-looking night stand at a garage sale and want to use it as a cupboard next to my patio table for storing plates and linens.


Mike Holmes >E2