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Chateau's destruction was construction firm's mistake

Residents of a sleepy French village in Bordeaux have been left dumbfounded after discovering their local 18th-century chateau was completely bull-dozed "by mistake.

How to clean away stains and whip up great cookies

Dear Reena: My friend had a new driveway poured. He also had an apple tree that dropped little apples on the driveway with a splat and left dark brown marks.

What title insurance will entitle you to

There's a lot of confusion about title insurance. Some people call title insurance the "surprise" insurance because they assume it covers any surprises with the property they're buying.

Guest bedrooms: make yourself at home

Special touches like bath robes make company feel welcome
Home should look occupied when you're away

Home should look occupied when you're away

The flights have been booked, the suitcases retrieved from the attic and your vacation itinerary has been set. But while your mind may be ready to wander to a far-away land, don't forget about home sweet home just yet.

Gifts galore for your favourite gardener

For my birthday in the spring, a friend sent me a cotton tea towel with a botanical theme. It is covered with sketches of beneficial insects, all labelled. I haven't used it yet. The towel remains on display in the family room.

Rustic decor is simple but can be elegant

New coffee-table book shows off looks that celebrate our heritage

Scout group more inclusive

On the tail end of a recent morning hike at Faust Park in Chesterfield, second-grader Carter Beuc knelt on the ground and tried to lash a rock onto the end of a twig with a narrow vine. His buddy Gavin Rose knelt next to him.

Rapunzel-like goldilocks

The plant's leaves droop over its pot
Smartphone app guides Vancouver catholics to church

Smartphone app guides Vancouver catholics to church

New technology helps reach people where they live