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Shimmer makes a festive statement

Luminous glow rather than bright sparkle works with a restrained decorating style


Mike Holmes >E2

Add seasonal sparkle to your decor

The holiday season is the time to really allow your home to sparkle. For a few weeks every year, over-the-top is just what's called for. And it's so much fun to create the dazzle and then enjoy everyone's ohhhs and ahhhs.

Things you should know about heating-oil tanks

WHY DO OIL TANKS LEAK? Steel oil tanks corrode from the inside out due to action by microbes. Microbes are living organisms so small they can only be seen under a microscope. They are found practically everywhere, in the air and water.

Potential hazards best left to experts

I'm always telling homeowners to look beyond the lipstick and mascara - the finishes. But finishes are important to many homeowners. It's what they see and live with every day. I get that. And I like finishes too.
Is it safe to heat with oil?

Is it safe to heat with oil?

Oil furnaces are found only in older homes, but many aficionados won't switch to other fuels


Helen Chesnut >F3

A Christ Church event for Advent

Christ Church Cathedral marks the first day of Advent on Sunday with a special service of candlelight and sacred music. The service is recognized as one of Christ Church's most moving and beautiful.

Try non-sudsing ammonia, baking powder to clear drain

Dear Reena: I need to ask a question about the drainage system in my new house, which is about three years old. There is an odour coming from my kitchen sink and from my hot water (nothing wrong when we run the cold water).
The Pope is no Father Christmas

The Pope is no Father Christmas

And so it came to pass that in the eighth year of Pope Benedict's reign, some tabloid and social media decreed that he had cancelled Christmas. The day after Benedict's latest book The Infancy Narratives - Jesus of Nazareth was published on Nov.