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Stick a fork in concern: It's mind over manners

Dear Reena: My boyfriend has the world's worst manners. He uses the wrong fork when he eats, he leaves his napkin on the table when he goes to the bathroom and he cuts up all of his food before he starts eating.
Kitchen tech makes for creative culinary gifts

Kitchen tech makes for creative culinary gifts

Author and expert Nathan Myhrvold offers his top picks
Virgin Mary seen in window pane

Virgin Mary seen in window pane

Thousands of Catholics gathering outside hospital where image appears

Holocaust reminds us we are prisoners of hope

I recently completed a writing project assigned to me by a professor; however, I am not a university student and the professor, George Pal (former dean of engineering at Mohawk College in Hamilton), is retired.

Stay out of the red with green holiday decor

Use fresh findings from outside to spruce up your indoor holiday atmosphere

Keep stucco high and dry to avoid expensive repairs

Traditionally, stucco has been a popular exterior wall system. It adds character and can give a house a sophisticated finish - especially when it's combined with other masonry wall systems such as brick.

Passive solar home brought to light

P.E.I. author outlines the experience from the ground up and on a budget

Reason to be alarmed

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odourless and potentially deadly


Helen Chesnut >F4

Fall in love with a porch in the fall

Fall is a great sea-son for a screened porch. Spring is equally a wonderful time of year for a porch, and even summer can be enjoyable.