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Comment: Tax exemptions for council belie transparency

Victoria city council’s proposal to award itself a one-third salary tax exemption to cover “incidental expenses” is a step backward from transparency and openness and will continue to widen the gap between the mayor and council and the citizens who e

Weigh-In Wednesday #4

The problem with Wednesday is...that every Wednesday I expect a loss. A giant loss.

Weigh-In Wednesday #4

The problem with Wednesday is...that every Wednesday I expect a loss. A giant loss.

Texts from my Croatian Conscience:

My conscience as a 1950s okā-san of the okiya. Okay, it's time for numbers. How much did you lose? Well...a month ago I was at 292.1 and tomorrow is my weigh-in day...but I stepped on the scale this morning and I was at 273.6.

Comment: Public interest abandoned by harbour board

The arrogance demonstrated by the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority board in refusing to seat the Victoria representative, Coun. Shellie Gudgeon, shows how far the authority has deviated from its founding vision.

Mark Milke: Time to abolish tariff tax on the poor

Whenever Canadians cross the border, it is inevitable they will find cheaper goods in the U.S. Whether milk, books, electronic goods or vehicles, it seems bargains abound south of the 49th parallel.

Janice Kennedy: Enough! Stop picking at the disunity scab

Seriously? Do they honestly think we’re going to get lathered up — again — over threats of separation, national-unity concerns and how many sovereigntists can dance on the head of a pin? Or épingle? Really? For 40 years, this country has frittered aw
Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Breaking news! Five weeks after pulverizing my shoulder, I’ve broken my ankle. On Sunday, I was at a riding clinic seeing friends and saying hello to a horse I used to own.

Comment: Marine protected areas preserve biodiversity

Canada’s territory includes the world’s longest coastline, bordering three oceans and the Great Lakes, and covers more than 5.8 million square kilometres of marine area inhabited by an astonishing diversity of fish species, mammals and plant life.

Iain Hunter: Lawyer-client privilege taken too far

I bet a lot of folks around here have been under the impression that what’s called solicitor-client privilege exists to protect clients. But they’ve been reminded, thanks to a decision by the chief justice of the B.C.
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