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Column: A stain on Canada’s tolerant history

In 1943, Raoul Wallenberg saw Pimpernel Smith, a British anti-Nazi movie starring Leslie Howard. The movie is about the rescue of Jews from concentration camps. Wallenberg told his sister that this was “the kind of thing he would like to do.

Column: Rock muzak worse than Christmas music

It’s that time of year when you hear people who otherwise seem to be of moderate holiday cheer, teeing off on the diet of Christmas music they are obliged to endure as they toil in restaurants or retail.

Comment: Health care should be independent of politics

Gerald Tevaarwerk As a physician, I am glad to see that the residents of Lake Cowichan are meeting to find answers to their doctor shortage.

Column: It’s merry Christmas when no one’s offended

All I want for Christmas is some peace and quiet on the political correctness front. Congratulations, Canada! You may have grown up.

Column: Cabinet ripe for reset after F-35 fiasco

Was it enough? As they lick their wounds, settle back for the holidays and take stock, Conservatives will be asking themselves whether their F-35 reset did the trick — whether it has inoculated them, at long last, from procurement disease, which has

Column: The time for fear-mongering about pot is over

Susan Martinuk, in her Dec. 15 column “Legalized marijuana opens Pandora’s box,” provided an inaccurate and incomplete set of claims about marijuana and its claimed dangers.

Iain Hunter column: Watching for North Korean missiles

When that North Korean rocket soared into space last week, I got out my old school atlas, a pin and a bit of string. David Wright, you see, a physicist with the Union of Concerned Scientists based in Cambridge, Mass.

Ian Haysom column: A season to remember the forgotten poor

If Charles Dickens were alive today, he’d have plenty of material. His literary landscape was largely the poor, the disadvantaged and the ignored.

Comment: More data needed in natural-gas debate

Natural gas is not and never has been a “clean” fuel. Yet almost daily, industry and government alike assert that it is a vitally important “transition fuel” that must be harnessed in a global effort to lower global greenhouse gas emissions.

Geoff Johnson column: Let’s not accept brutal acts as cultural norm

When there are no words in any dictionary to describe what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut Friday, when things happen that surely not even the cruelest imagination could comprehend, it is certainly time to go back to some kind
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