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Les Leyne: Carbon audit starts storm of criticism

Auditor general John Doyle holds an edge going into any public argument with the government. People are predisposed to mistrust government. And any response government has to an audit sounds defensive, by definition.

David Bly: A cheap lesson in emergency preparedness

Last week’s windstorm deprived our home of electricity for 14 hours, giving us an opportunity to test our emergency plan. It’s full of holes.

Comment: Public will be consulted on biosolids centre

As we move to upgrading our sewage treatment in our region, finding a site large enough (a minimum of three hectares) for a biosolids-processing facility in an urban area is a difficult challenge.

The Easter Butterfly

This morning I saw a butterfly. It swooped gracefully down into the garden where I was working, catching me by surprise by such an early Spring appearance. As I watched it, I was reminded of a joke a friend once shared with me.

Surviving a run in the desert

The risks of running in extremely hot weather is not something that’s top of mind for runners in Victoria.

Licia Corbella: Can Conservatives, labour be friends?

If you want to know who to thank — or in the case of Quebec, who to blame — for much of the skilled-worker training ideas contained in the federal budget, fix your gaze on Canada’s largest construction union.

Mark Milke: Budget 2013 loaded with corporate welfare

If there was a theme in the recent federal budget, it was how chock full it was with new corporate welfare. The underlying refrain was how big government will help big business with your tax dollars.

Monster Munch

There were only 3 of us who attended the information session at the Eating Disorders Programme. I have to admit to feeling a bit uncomfortable participating in such a meeting as I certainly don't look like I've been restricting calories or purging...

Geoff Johnson: Canadians’ NCAA experience can be difficult

Last November, university presidents from across Canada gathered in Toronto to debate a proposed overhaul of the university sport system and to halt the exodus of elite athletes who are Canadian high-school grads moving to American schools.

Les Leyne: Conservatives' message muddled by flood of facts

Somewhere in the B.C. Conservative Party, there’s a statistics geek with a taste for macroeconomic bafflegab who’s managed to hijack their election platform. Leader John Cummins unveiled part of it last week, more on Monday.
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