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User-pay approach could finance changes

No doubt the extensive and expensive bicycle infrastructure proposed by the Capital Regional District will be financed through user-pay methods like tolls on users or a tax on bike purchases. Eric Nielsen Victoria

Surgery wait times show skewed priorities

Re: "Surgery wait times excoriated," Aug. 14. What's wrong with this picture? A North Saanich woman is en route to Seattle for urgent surgery rather than waiting until September to have it done here.

Bike lanes will mean fewer cars on roads

Re: "Saanich's goal: bike lanes for all," Aug. 12. Kudos to Saanich for investing in bike lanes to schools and rec centres. The rest of us should take note.

Who will oversee the shipbuilding program?

Billions of dollars on the line with little planning evident so far

Many people benefit from Olympic efforts

Re: "It takes money to win medals," Aug. 14. The editorial correctly identifies that it takes a lot of money to win Olympic medals, and questions whether any of that trickles down to benefit the community.

Findlay showed grace, Bolt showed arrogance

Canadian triathlete Paula Findlay showed us the heart of a true Olympian. She showed grace and courage as she kept going despite injury and disappointment.

William Shakespeare would have approved

Re: "Truthiness isn't just in Stephen Colbert's head," Aug. 15.

High taxes killing home ownership

A new bridge, a new sewer system and now $220 million for bicycle paths.

Confusing intersection just plain dangerous

Re: "Tour bus hits, kills woman in crosswalk," Aug. 14. There may be good reasons to ban tour buses and other vehicles in our old town, but Monday's fatal accident at the corners of Humboldt, Douglas and Cormorant streets is not one of them.

Justin Bieber has created some positive vibes

was surprised by the recent Justin Bieber backlash. I The young pop star ruffled a few feathers with comments in a recent Rolling Stone interview about his supposed aboriginal heritage. "I'm actually part Indian," the young Biebs said.