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The man behind Squashman

Squashman, by the way, is Dave (see here) . He's a squash player who has won trophies. I've heard rumours about his squash court prowess, but need to confirm them before saying more.

In (cautious) praise of boxed wine

Boxed wine is slowly winning some grudging respect; it's been doing that for decades. Now, there's a bit of science to help the cause.

A salad kind of guy

I've been to Fifth Street Bar and Grill many times and enjoyed their burgers, fries, ribs, roast chicken (a bit dry sometimes) and pizzas (weird and wonderful).

Signs of food

So, I snap and collect the occasional photograph of food signs. What of it. First of a series. Aboard the Coho ferry , running between Victoria's Inner Harbour and Port Angeles, Washington. I will be silent about the food quality for now.

Major's Corner: Waiter falls out of favour, friend into an abyss

Life inside the club's memorial doors is a kaleidoscope of activity. One day, for instance, after Mrs. Qwackenbush, our pastry chef, provided one of her superb apple crumbles, we gathered in the senior reading room for a little to-ing and fro-ing.

Victoria banished Chinese lepers to island colony

This week in 1895, a reporter with the Daily Colonist accompanied health officials on a visit to D'Arcy Island to expose the hidden world of Canada's first West Coast leper colony.

Food inspection reports, Julie and Julia, and bi bim bop

Inspection reports for restaurants all over the Island are posted at the Vancouver Island Health Authority website. You can search by name, or browse by community.

We explain ourselves and wax for much too long about a $4.19 meal (tax included)

The mission: Two cheapskates forage for fine food wherever their noses and grumbling bellies take them. The conversation that got things rolling: Phil: Have we ever had lunch together? Dave: No. And let's keep it that way.

Why Victoria dumped garbage in the sea

When incineration proved expensive and unpopular, the city looked to the water to take care of its waste

Debut collection reveals Victoria writer's formidable talent

Victoria book clerk's stories are dark, concise and reminiscent of Alice Munro