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How to cook hot dogs; discovering hiyashi chuka

Some colleagues have been debating the best way to cook hot dogs. I haven't thought much about this, but they obviously have. To summarize: Boiling: Very bad. Uck. Flavour drains away.

Unsteady truth in packaging,

Food package labels, it turns out, are sometimes a little loose with the truth. In the U.S.

Shopping with Lulu

Back-to-school styles through the eyes of a six-year-old

Puzzling over french fries

I had fresh-from-fryer McDonald's french fries yesterday and they were pretty good. Not as good as the ones at Red Fish Blue Fish or Willows Galley.

Fair marks Jewish new year

With the year 5771 coming up next week in the Jewish lunar calendar, Chabad Lubavitch of Vancouver Island is hosting Victoria's first Jewish New Year Fair.

A bigger Pig

Pig, the really compact View Street spot that serves terrific pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches, is about to move into much larger quarters. Customers are being told that the new Pig will open at the Atrium on Sept. 20.

Evedar's Bistro on the right track with dinner menu

Tucked away in the bottom of a condo complex in a residential Langford neighbourhood, Evedar's is easy to miss, but that would be a mistake if you're hungry.

The second 'R' is all about sharing

Free stores allow those of us who have too much stuff to give some of it away to others who can use it

Photos: Entering the Fringe zone

Weird world of showbiz turns up to party in the square

All nighters: While most of us sleep, a small cadre works through the witching hours to keep the region humming

After the sun goes down and most Victorians are fast asleep in their beds, a small but select group of people is just starting work.