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Service out of step with Veritas Restaurant's elegant look

The menu intrigues you enough to cross the threshold and in an instant, the noisy tourist clatter that is summer on Wharf Street yields to a darkened but welcoming lounge, beckoning you to you linger for a drink or perhaps several.

Hail, Caesar Cardini

Legendary salad created by a desperate Tijuana hotelier in 1924 has stood test of time and endless variations

Despite taxes, there are still food bargains

Anyone who thinks that restaurant sales won't be affected by the new harmonized sales tax is wrong. Increases in rent, food costs and labour will be passed on to the customer.

Cosy eatery takes diners on trip to Turkey

Nar means pomegranate, and much like its namesake, this little Turkish eatery reveals myriad tiny delights.

Why salt is so tasty, and more food photos

Delighted with dumplings June 6, 2010: Dumplings are all the rage in Melbourne, Australia. It might even be the Year of the Dumpling, The Age newspaper declares. - - - Fine dining in Scotland Scottish cuisine apparently has a bad reputation.

Major's Corner: Major's parting from wife is such sour sorrow

I am not sure how others feel about this subject, but I don't like desertion on the part of the memsahib.

Many ways to plot your growing season

Community gardens, sharing-yard program offer those without property a place to plant flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables

Floating our boats on a shoestring

Walter Hose kept the Canadian navy alive through tough times, building reserve forces that later proved pivotal

A New York state of mind

Victoria woman now calls the Big Apple home and has settled into a career in the theatre business

Naval hero was 'bravest of VCs'

Victoria Cross recipient joined U.K. force after Canadian military rejected him over poor eyesight