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Digital format displacing celluloid

Digital format displacing celluloid

Donovan Aikman is a big fan of digital projection, but that doesn't mean he has given up on outdated technology. Take those VHS videocassettes that filmmakers used for years to screen their short films.
All for the love of film

All for the love of film

No, Farts of Fury doesn't refer to the potential consequences of munching too much popcorn at the Victoria Film Festival. Nor does A Little Bit Zombie necessarily sum up how you might feel if you watch too many of the films it showcases.

Tania: The Right Gear Makes a Difference

When I won this challenge, it came as a big surprise that I’d be receiving workout gear in addition to the personal training and nutrition support. Talk about helping set me up for success! I was really excited but also, more than a bit intimidated.

Dennis - OMG Day One at the Gym

Monday I got to the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre at 4:00 o’clock. I was greeted with a big welcome from Josh Taylor, administrator of health and fitness programs at Crystal Pool. Dana at the front counter had me checked in, in no time.

Fish oil packs a healthy punch

With the first week of the Health Club Challenge under your belt and your water bottle getting lots of action, we turn to choosing foods that are nutrientdense.

Canadian whisky deserves its good name

Canadian whisky has enjoyed a noble reputation for quality ever since Hiram Walker founded his distillery in Walkerville, Ont., in 1858.


I've completed my testing, done my fitness evaluation and met with the nutritionist. Now the difficult part begins.

Kevin: "This is gonna be a nightmare"

DAY 1: I just finished my first session with James my trainer........ I'm dying!!!!. Tried to puke twice, no luck. This is gonna be a nightmare for the first few weeks, I now know.

Stir up dinner in minutes

Easy stir-fried chicken dish is great way to start the Chinese New Year
Starting from the baseline

Starting from the baseline

The challenge begins with physiological testing to measure challengers' fitness levels