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Cookies perfect as party present

These cookies incorporate the spices associated with the festive season, plus they have a sweet surprise inside - a mixture of sweet dates, orange flavouring and crunchy hazelnuts.
Holiday entertaining made easy

Holiday entertaining made easy

Advice from the experts: It all comes down to planning and preparation
Follow the Pope @pontifex

Follow the Pope @pontifex

Vatican: Reducing pope's message to 140 characters is a challenge

Katy Perry adds new fragance

Katy Perry is adding some new scents to her perfume line. The singer and songwriter is to develop a line of signature scents with beauty company Coty Inc., according to an announcement released Wednesday.

Bright, patterned socks and pocket squares add bold, personal touch to men's wardrobes

Men's clothes may be neutral, understated, even conservative, but the adventurous male spirit is peering out of the wardrobe in socks and pocket hankies.

Dogwalkers text owners whenever pet poops

Customers of a dog-walking company in New York City need no longer wonder whether or not their pet stopped for a bathroom break while out for its daily stroll - they now receive a text message each time their dog does the deed.


Filmmaker turns lens on Victoria homeless >D4


African AIDS Angels began in 2000 when a group of Canadians travelled to South Africa to attend the international AIDS conference. After seeing the need first hand, the group was inspired to help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Dogs and their men hit the fashion runway

They might not count as man's best fashion accessory, but they are lot more lovable.

Plantar fasciitis can be painful, but is treatable

Dear doctors: This is the second time I have had plantar fasciitis. The first time was more than five years ago. A doctor outlined a program for me, but I have forgotten the details. Will you give me a refresher course? L.O.