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Comment: Let’s make a difference

While acknowledging the challenges faced by Victoria’s downtown as a result of the economic downturn, it is important to recognize the great work that is being done in our community to boost downtown’s capacity to remain the economic driver of our re

Comment: Reasons for optimism

The ongoing discussion about downtown Victoria is a reflection of the passion our citizens have for the core of our community. We voice both our pride and our concerns because we care.

David Bly: Compliments won’t scar your children

As we were raising our busy tribe of children, we were blessed with an abundance of unsolicited parenting advice.

L. Ian MacDonald: Despite scandals, Senate does good work

One of the unintended consequences of the Senate expense scandal is that it brings the upper house itself into disrepute. And that’s a pity, because the Senate does some good and important work, particularly in its committees.

Weigh-in Wednesday #16 & #17 - Time to catch up!

Seeing as how I just weighed-in this morning for WIW #19, I think it's about time to blog about my previous forays onto the scale. Weigh in Wednesday #16 - May 8th, 2013 Starting weight: 292.1 1st weigh-in: 286.8 2nd weigh-in: 280.

Stop! and Smell the 'Poses'

They look statuesque. Some look difficult. Some look impossible. Some look absurd. None of them look particularly spiritual. Postures. One of the biggest challenges of the new yoga student is the physical practice of yoga.

Comment: It’s up to us to improve mental-health care in B.C.

Between 2005 and 2008, my boys and I were in a fight for survival against a severe mental illness I suffered after a head injury. I became suicidal.

Geoff Johnson: Clark fumbles her plan for 10-year deal

If Premier Christy Clark really wants 10 years of peace with teachers, she’s going about in the wrong way.

Mark Milke: Canada is not a set of provincial fiefdoms

When Christy Clark asserted B.C. didn’t need the federal government and also said, “We don’t need Alberta,” the B.C.

Comment: When the going gets tough, expect clichés

Metaphors are the soul of language. That sentence is a metaphor of its own, of course, and you may think it’s a huge overstatement. I stand by it.