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Comment: Bold vision could save our endangered forests

Recent news coverage has drawn a lot of attention to the work of a prominent panel of Canadian and international scientists on the global significance and national value of Canada’s vast boreal region — and the actions needed to conserve it.

Iain Hunter: Pot shouldn’t guide political agendas

It was revealed last week that her British advisers warned Margaret Thatcher when she was prime minister to beware of the “unsound personal views” of Pierre Trudeau, her Canadian counterpart whom she was about to meet for the first time.

David Bly: Witty or witless? It depends on perspective

As debates rage on various issues affecting southern Vancouver Island, it’s interesting to note how people use different words to describe the same thing, depending on perspective.

Comment: B.C. needs a core reset, not a core review

Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis has studiously avoided the word “rebuild” in describing his mission this summer. Instead, Gillis says he wants to “reset the organization.

Monique Keiran: Health and fitness are good investments

When B.C. Ferries announced its employee health-and-fitness incentive last month, consumer organizations quickly condemned the initiative. B.C.
Les Leyne: Islanders yearn for independence

Les Leyne: Islanders yearn for independence

Enjoy this B.C. Day long weekend, Vancouver Islanders, because it could be one of your last.

Ramadan reminds us of a world's hunger

870 million people are chronically undernourished AND more than 3 million children die each year because of malnourishment BECAUSE 1.345 billion people live on $1.

Kate Heartfield: War over gay rights being fought by proxy

Victories for freedom in one part of the world can trigger backlashes in other parts. Bigots are forced to concentrate their efforts where they think they can win.

Shannon Corregan: Commonwealth avoids Age of Anarchy

Last week, Victoria greeted a new prince into our midst. He was born healthy and happy, with soft fluffy hair and four strong legs. I’m speaking, of course, of the Beacon Hill petting zoo’s new baby donkey, named “Prince George.

Comment: Captive orcas victims of shameful imprisonment

Forty-three years in a room not high enough for her to stand, and only big enough to walk a few paces back and forth.