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Kate Heartfield: To boldly go — with more female characters

A screenwriter of Star Trek Into Darkness, Damon Lindelof, recently apologized for including a “gratuitous” underwear scene. The apology was unusual, to say the least, and has created its own backlash.

Andrew Cohen: Our indispensable ‘lickspittle’ media

Amid the groaning smorgasbord of alibis, excuses and rationalizations for the much-maligned Senate served up by the federal government’s able apologists, the most delicious comes from Senator Marjory LeBreton.

I am sooooooooooooooooo bad.

No, I didn't cheat on my diet...or skip a day of exercise. I just haven't been blogging recently. 1 post a week is simply not good enough for me...perhaps that's why I've been a little more anxious lately...blogging is my therapy.

Victoria Goddess Run beckons, hills and all

Have you ever noticed that it seems to take longer the first time you travel somewhere, but the same route home seems shorter.

Comment: It’s time to shed a little more light on JTF2

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command has recently produced a well-done three-minute video that shows its men and women operating in the air, at sea and on land.

Elizabeth Payne: Talking about suicide counters contagion

The idea that suicide can be contagious is an old one. It partly explains the long-observed taboo around reporting on and talking about suicide, as if even acknowledging it could somehow spread the contagion.

Iain Hunter: Senate expense furor peny-ante stuff

Dave Dingwall said it best. “I’m entitled to my entitlements,” he told a House of Commons committee before resigning in 2005 as president of the Royal Canadian Mint because of expense claims deemed excessive.

Kate Heartfield: Toronto’s future is being held for ransom

When I went to journalism school at the turn of this century, none of my professors thought to include a seminar on the ethics of Crackstarters. We had seminars on the ethics of almost any other challenge we might encounter.

Monique Keiran: A glimmer of hope for vanishing bees

This insect can recognize human faces. It can outsmart supercomputers in solving complex mathematical problems. When it’s ill, it self-medicates.

Comment: Stephen Harper’s a realist, and that’s too bad

All this hubbub surrounding the seemingly never-ending Mike Duffy scandal reminds me of a debate I had a few years ago with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. OK, strictly speaking, it wasn’t actually a debate.