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Looks vital on the job: survey

Professional appearance key to success at work, executives say

Great Thai food, but work on the table manners

Baan Thai's second Victoria location opened in an Oak Bay strip mall several years ago. Like its downtown counterpart, it enjoys a well-deserved reputation for consistently good food.

The long, hot simmer

Send your soups to the slow cooker for full flavour and easier preparation

Science is a girl's best friend

Daughter preserves father's legacy as 'mad scientist' of jewelry design

Getting neutered slows Ollie down, but not for long

Imagine if your doctor deemed it necessary to remove your testicles. You'd be sitting in his (or her) office, making small talk about your prostate gland and the like.

Trying to define good food

Sometimes, a dish is beautifully prepared, cooked just right. A pleasure to behold. All the expected conventions for it followed. And I don't like it.

Major's Corner: The naked truth about a natural Thanksgiving

I awoke from my bed of joy with the whole world shouting "Marmalade!" and so I tootled down to the kitchen. In order to do so, I had to aim a slipper at the short ribs of one of my wife's fearful cats, that Beelzebub Bertram.

'Grateful kids are happier kids'

Instilling a sense of gratitude is a crucial part of parenting, researcher finds

The spirituality of the long distance runner

PREVIEW What: Runners' Eucharist Where: Church of St. John the Divine, 1611 Quadra St. When: Saturday, 4 p.m. Runners this weekend have another way to prepare themselves for the Royal Victoria Marathon races.

Island Lives: Small woman with a big life

Nikki Jeannotte lived life from a wheelchair -- and in pain. Still, she embraced a life ranging from rock concerts in Vancouver to 11 years as a provincial government administrative assistant to online whiz to fun friend and confidante.