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Jim Hume column: Do we really want U.S. police working on Canadian soil?

Maybe concerns got lost in the Olympic news tidal wave, or maybe nobody cared. But it is a fact that the Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act became law in Canada with only whispers of public doubts.

Little vanity in this press

If author Tina Folsom let big publishing stand in her way, she never would have become a millionaire.
Wrap up barbecue season with a feast of fresh fish

Wrap up barbecue season with a feast of fresh fish

Labour Day generally gets people thinking about grilling up the last of summer's burgers and steaks. A leaner alternative is a full-bodied fillet of salmon.

Around Town: Party beyond the Fringe

Dancing in the street kicks off annual festival of edgy theatre
Drum therapy finds a new rhythm

Drum therapy finds a new rhythm

Nervous, proud, low, loved - those are some of the words pinned on the wall at the Victoria Mental Health Centre, where 11 people have gathered for group drumming.

How we grow out of our creativity

If you ask a kindergartner to tell you a story, chances are you'll hear a nonsensical and fabulous tale.

Family 4-1-1: An image problem

Hate your body? Don't pass those negative feelings on to your children
Five back-to-school tips

Five back-to-school tips

Start of year can be stressful for parents and children alike

Spend time with kids - not money

Competition with other families fuels overspending on children

Teens do their speeding online

Teenagers talking about speeding these days are more likely to be referring to their phone and Internet connections than cars.